This is a brand new first strike zombie map as of February 1st, 2011. It's setting takes place at a space station. You will have to find your way around the map by opening doors, riding the lander, launching the rocket, and much more. At a random level, space monkeys will come in place of dogs. For more space monkey details click on the link to the page. This map contains all the power-ups and 2 brand new perks to buy and 2 new grenade types.

2 new grenade types---
BLACK HOLE- This grenade devise can be found from the mystery box only. When thrown it creates a large black hole that sucks zombies into it. This devise takes a long time to throw, so dont try to use it when where are a million zombies right next to you! Try using it when you see a ton comeing towards you so you have time to throw it!!

JAPANESE DOLLS- This grenade is great to blow up a huge bundle of zombies. When thrown, it explodes into about 5 more tiny grenadesthat blow up. The only thing bad about these are that they switch for black holes. (NEVER SWITCH BLACK HOLE GRENADES FOR THE JAP. DOLLS. BLACK HOLES ARE MUCH BETTER!!) for more details on these new grenades click the links!!
RS Flopper
Stamin up

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