Here is a guide of solo play at Kino Der Toten. First you are going to immediately buy quik revive. You are going to use your knife for rounds 1 and 2. Save up until you have 1750 points then open the downstairs door and quickly buy the Mpl. Stay in that bottom room until you have about 9500 points(round 8-9) and leave in the middle of the round when it gets to crouded in there. Go all the way to the stage, and don't stop. Turn on the power. If you happen to see the random in the rooms you pass don't use it until all the doors and the power is turned on. Hook up the teleport and make sure you still will have 5000 points if you use the random. Use as many randoms as you can but dont go under 5000 points. If there is no random just keep your Mpl and you pistol. Kill that last zombie and go into the portal. Dont use it. Wait until there are tons of zombies. Then use it. When you are up there, use the pack-a-punch machine for any gun of your choice. Toss grenades down to kill as many as possible.At any time you lose your quick revive, make sure to buy another. When you teleport out back into the lobby. Fire at the zombies coming towards you. when they get to close start to "migrate" up the stairs(right side). If there are tons still coming open the upstairs door and keep sooting at them. If there are still tons and tons coming, use the trap. try to leave one zombie. Go back into the theater when the trap goes off. Wait until the teleport is done cooling down and hook it up again. From this point on use your money wisely and use the same techneque over and over again. I will guarantee you at least up to level 20. If you are a pro, You might get as high as I wonce did which is level 48! And if you use this guide and beat my score please leave it in the comments. I would love to hear what level you got to!!

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