--- please note- This is a made up story but is pretty close to the real one. This is just likely what happened with all the clues put together.

It all started with 2 scientist named Ludvid Maxis and Edward Richtofen. They were at their testing labs (Der Riese). They were working on a new devise, a teleportation devise. They needed to test it, so they used Ludvid's daughter's dog, Fluffy. When doing their work, Samantha Maxis, Ludvid's daughter, walked in. She saw here dog fluffy that has turned into a hellhound threw teleportation. She got upset and so Ludvid went to cheer here up. Then "fluffy" got mad and attacked. Edward ran out of the room locking Fluffy, Samantha, and Ludvid in. Fluffy killed them both and eddy got away. In most maps, you can here Samantha say stuff. Samantha is said to control all the mystery boxes, power ups, zombies, hellhounds, perk-a-colas, and the teddy bears. &nbsp